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At the Jellison-Hart Insurance Agency, we put our nearly fifty-five years of experience to work to find you the insurance solutions you need. Believe it or not, sometimes being a loyal customer of a single insurance company isn’t the best way to save money. We’re here to present all of your options to you, and we’ll quote the plans provided by our preferred carriers to make sure that you get the insurance coverage you need, no more and no less. We help people all over the Buffalo, NY area find the best quotes for auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and more!

Auto Insurance Quotes

If you drive in New York State, you need auto insurance – but of course, you don’t want to pay more than you have to. We can help! Your auto insurance rate will depend on many different things: your driving record, the kinds of vehicles you’re insuring, and even your age. Every company assesses risk a little differently, and that’s why it’s essential that you have a great insurance agent on your side. At the Jellison-Hart Insurance Agency, we know how to shop the different carriers in order to deliver auto insurance quotes that deliver the best combination of savings and value. Drivers throughout Buffalo, NY rely on us for affordable auto insurance quotes. Read more.

Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Your home is your biggest single investment. We’ll help you protect it with quality homeowners insurance products. We’ll carefully go over the risks that your home faces and make sure you’re covered. Most importantly, we’ll provide homeowners insurance quotes that are clear and competitive in the market, and we’ll help you determine which one has the best value for your particular needs. We have provided homeowners all over the Buffalo, NY region with the best rates on home insurance. Give us a call today.

Renters Insurance Quotes

You may not own the building in which you currently live, but you have plenty in there that you want to protect: your furniture, your electronics, and your personal items. We’ll make sure your possessions are protected against disaster and theft. Our renters insurance quotes are competitive and easy to understand. We may even be able to help you to save money by getting renters and auto insurance from the same carrier.

Business Insurance Quotes
Your business is your livelihood and your life’s work. Don’t take the risk of losing everything you've worked so hard for because of circumstances beyond your control. At Jellison-Hart Insurance Agency, we provide competitive quotes for business insurance. Make sure you have coverage in case of property damage, legal liability, equipment breakdown, loss of income, and more. We even have options for workers’ compensation and disability coverage.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance Quotes
At Jellison-Hart Insurance Agency, we offer specialized RV policies that offer features and coverage levels you won’t find on a normal auto insurance policy. These policies can cover emergency vacation expenses, trailers, vacation liability, and more. Some plans even come with roadside assistance, so you never have to worry about your RV sputtering out in the middle of your cross-country road trip. Our insurance experts will help you find an affordable policy so you can vacation with perfect peace of mind.

Commercial Auto Insurance Quotes
Whether your business owns a single company car or a whole fleet of vehicles, regular auto insurance is simply not enough. You need commercial auto insurance. We can find the policy that’s tailored to your needs, protecting the vehicles owned by your business and the employees who drive them. We even have policies that offer hired coverage, non-owned auto coverage, and special equipment coverage. Let our insurance agents find the perfect policy for your business. Give us a call today to get started!

We proudly serve the Buffalo, NY region with the best rates for all types of insurance. Call today to get a quote.
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